CCTV vehicles are used to inspect the sewer lines and to remove the elements that may cause clogging and to predict the problems in the sewer line (cracking, gaskets coming off and parcel connections overflowing into the sewer line, etc.). In order to carry out this inspection, there is a need for a good CCTV system and then a CCTV van that will enable this system to operate in a combined manner. The compressor, water pump and other hand tools should be in a fixed and useful position. The floor and side surfaces should be covered with aluminum in order to be easy to clean and insulate from water. In accordance with the budget and purpose, German, Turkish and Chinese origin inspection equipment is installed in the customer's van in accordance with the interior design made by AKIN.


Technical Details  
Van Interior    Aluminium surface, water proof
Crawler   Elevator Extension, Pan & Tilt Camera Zoom
Camera Cable    up to 500m, orange
Reel   Fixed or Rotating
Software Capability   Wincan
Operation   Control panel, touchscreen