Two roof monitors and various protection- and self-defense systems guarantee high safety and performance in crowd control scenarios. Operation of all the systems is done from inside the fully armored cabin which provides Ballistic, Mine-Blast & IED Protection, and Optional Overpressure System with NBC Filter. This vehicle is designed to operate in tropical zones at high temperatures and in a salt laden, high humidity atmosphere to provide ease of operation, safety, reliability and accessibility for repair and maintenance.


Technical Details  
Tank Structure   up to 7.000 lt 
Pump Type   Centrifuge, II or III stage
Pump Capacity   up to 6.000 lt/min
Pump Drive   Auxiliary Diesel Engine
Monitor   Roof Type (2 units) - electric controlled
Side Protection Nozzle   with jet pattern only, joystick controlled
Ballistic Protection   BR6 Protection Level
Tire Shield system   a special tire protection material