Sanitation, water and sewer, traffic management, and street repairs are just a handful of the tasks that must be managed on a daily basis. Add a water main break, a sinkhole, or a violent storm to the daily task list and the delays can begin to mount. Being proactive is the key to staying ahead of the curve and implementing an effective asphalt repair program can improve efficiency and reduce citizen complaints. AKIN Asphalt Repair Machine capable of making permanent asphalt repairs under most weather conditions.
Technical Details  
Capacity   V Section - up to 15 t
Isolating Sheet   DKP Sheet 2 mm
Isolating Material   Stone Wool 100mm
Power   Chassis Own PTO
Discharge   Screw Type Carrier
Hot Oil Tank   2.100 lt
Compactor   Optional
Hydraulic Breaker   Optional - Atlas Copco
Pneumatic Breaker   Optional - Atlas Copco
Emulsion Tank   220 lt