Trailer Type Jetting/Vacuum Units are used to clean sewers, drains, and industrial lines. They are also used in hydro-demolition, surface preparation, fiber-optic cable installation, steel cutting, and safe disposal of ordinance. Equipment is engineered to be reliable and profitable, and extensive field testing produces jetters that are constantly evolving to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Trailer and truck-mounted jetters/vacuum units are available with a variety of engine and pump configurations, water tanks, and other equipment. We build to order so our customers can get exactly what they need.







AKN-TJU01, 2019

Tank Capacity

2 m³


Pratissoli MK40-A

Max. Pressure

42 MPa

Max. Flow Rate

140 lpm

Pressure Regulator





FPT (a brand of Iveco Group)

Engine Type

Diesel Engine: 4 stroke Water Cooled Engine with 6-cylinder

Engine Power

129 kW

Fuel Tank Capacity

200 liters


4.700 mm


1.900 mm


1.970 mm

Approx Weight

2.000 kg

Safety system

Safety valves, relief valves

Working control

Single Panel

All components are mounted on heavy duty Four Wheel Trailer
pneumatic brakes, stop and signal lighting
Trailer speed : 90 km/h
Pump Type : Jet Pump (Horizontal Triplex Plunger Pump)
Discharge Pressure : 42 Mpa @ 1850 rpm
Actual Flow : 140 l/pm
Required Driving Power : 118 kW
Pressure Regulator : PN4 (Pneumatic)
Engine and power Transmission:
Diesel Engine : 4 stroke Water Cooled Engine with 6-cylinder.
Rated output : 129 kW
Rated RPM : 1800 rpm
Fuel Tank Capacity : 200 liters
Accessories : Suction piping: 2” Drain Piping: 2”
Special Features:
Jet Cleaning Machine have a Provision so that user can clean two tubes
Simultaneously. Inside diameter of Heat Exchangers tube to be cleaned
varies as 12 mm to 25 mm. Operating Water: Industrial water of Class-2
Temp: 0°c - 40°c.
Tool Kit:
Completed with Special & Ordinary Tools with Tool Box.
Battery : 12V
Painting :
Polyurethane paint which prevents Rust and finish coats as per International
standard Color.
Warranty : 2 Years