1- Vehicle extension for highest demands (Mounted inside a van)

The Set has a range of 500 m and is suitable for inspections of DN 150 - 2000.

Content of the Set

  • Control panel
  • Motorised Cable Reel
  • SV Camera Cable orange 500 m
  • flexible Cable Guide Pulley
  • Crawler
  • Wheel Ø260 4 pieces
  • Counter Weigh 4,5 kg complete
  • Counter Weigh 9 kg complete
  • Elevator Extension
  • Crawler 2
  • Auxiliary Light RAL1000
  • Wheel D135x46 d12 4 pieces
  • Pan & Tilt Camera Zoom


2- Push Camera Version

The push camera system is designed for inspection of duct and pipe systems with pipe diameters starting at DN 50. The maximum length of the push rod is 90 m. In combination with the mobile control panel an inspection according to predefined standards can be carried out.

  • Multi-functional, portable operator panel
  • Inspection according to predefined standards
  • Extremely robust, yet flexible push rod
  • Meter counter
  • Swivel arm to mount the mobile control panel
  • Mains or battery operation possible (optional)
  • Side bag for storing the mobile control panel, power cable and battery pack