Van types are availabe for both washing and transporting of the funerals.


Are produced using high quality materials in accordance with the custom design box

Musalla marble stone,
LPG Hot Water System
Clean and dirty water tanks,
Pressure Tank system,
Fiberglass side and ceiling coverings,
Corpse dressing portion,
Front material cabinets,
Splint Type Air Conditioning System,
05.05 Kwa Generator
Move Musalla Morgue system with a capacity of 10 degrees below,
Water supply system, intake system,
External 220-volt electrical input socket,
Warning siren and warning lights,
LED-type lighting system,
Roof ventilation system,
The rear doors, curtain system,
Washing and mortuary system has been designed in accordance with the electrical system.



Appropriate portion sizes all panel vans sliding door, glass, unglazed are designed as part of the rear transmission. Sliding door transport section where disconnector section separated by a partition, an independent living and the living area is formed on the front. There are at least 3 people can sit in this compartment seats. If requested, for use in long-shipments, sofa beds are designed to give you. Life as an option pane, LCD TV, DVD, Vehicle Type Refrigerator Installation can be performed.
2 or 3 coffin casket where vehicles are available. Thanks to a special rail system coffins raised any difficulty loading of the vehicle. Mounting on the vehicle cooling system are optional in the coffins and funeral transport of long-distance allows. Interior of the vehicle portion of the air conditioning system at the same time. Thanks to decorate the exterior of the vehicle and the clarity of writing is increased. Means of transport when you are prompted during the funeral prayer imam of the congregation can hear better microphone and public address system is mounting.